The Counsellors

ADYTUM started life in the Swansea area, and has gradually expanded as the service has become more well known and used by both our corporate and individual clients, who access the service via the internet – We offer our  services throughout Wales through our network of  counsellors.

All of the counsellors who work in association with Adytum are highly qualified with a wealth of experience at their disposal. They are all either accredited with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy or are actively working towards accreditation.

Below are some brief profiles about some of them.



David Lloyd-Brown, who is an accredited member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy,  provides an integrative form of therapy with a strong person-centred emphasis.  He started his counselling work in 1999 whilst completing his Diploma at the University of Wales (Swansea), and  has worked for most of his professional career with the Department of Work and Pensions as a Specialist Advisor helping the unemployed get back into work, providing them with motivation, confidence and skills training, if necessary, and as a Disabled Employment Advisor, helping people with disabilities and health  problems, back into the workplace.    David has extensive experience of a whole range of emotional and mental health issues that face many people in the world that we live in today, and he also provides counselling for couples who are experiencing relationship  problems. David  works in very much a client centred way which allows people to arrive at their own solutions to their problems, by using a blend of therapeutic approaches that best suit the client.  He has trained in Transactional Analysis and CBT therapies.

David is also available for the supervision of individuals or groups. His supervision experience is based on over 10 years practice. He is particularly supportive of students who are working towards achieving their counselling qualifications. He is also available to work with people who are in the process of seeking professional accreditation. Rates for this work are very competitive .  David is currently studying for a Diploma/MA in Consultative Supervision.

David is a senior counsellor and Treasurer with the Swansea Counselling Service, which provides a voluntary counselling service for low wage earners and the unemployed.



Lynne provides a predominately person-centred approach to counselling, valuing other approaches, such as psychodynamic and systemic therapy, which she may incorporate in her work if necessary.  Lynne offers a high quality counselling service to individuals and couples, and specialises in relationship issues.  She encourages people to find their own solutions to life’s problems and emphasis is placed on empowering the clients to strive towards reaching their full potential in life.



NICOLA BLUNDEN (Rhondda Cynon Taff)

Nicola has been a therapist for over ten years and loves her work.  She regards it as a privilege to listen closely to someone, without distractions and without judging them.  She hears deeply painful stories but she has helped countless people overcome depression, anxiety, stress, pain and guilt.  She has witnessed people make little changes that have big effects – in their relationships, at work, in their daily habits and thoughts.  By talking to our counsellors you too can make these changes, with their help and support.



NICOLA DUNKLEY (Aberystwyth)

I am an accredited counsellor member of the BACP.  My training is integrative with a humanistic person-centred approach.  I spent over 5 years co-counselling before training on my Diploma in Counselling, which I received in 2007.  I have also worked as a Playgroup Leader, Primary School Teacher and Youth Service Manager.  Currently my professional life is spent working with adults being offered counselling through their employment; with students and staff at a local university; with the pupils of two local secondary schools.  I volunteered with Seren, a charity offering free counselling to adults who were sexually abused as children.  I continue to volunteer with Cruse Ceredigion, who offer free counselling to the bereaved.  I can offer counselling through the medium of English or Welsh.


 SHARYN WILLIAMS (Bridgend/Cowbridge)

Hello, I began counselling in 2007 and met Tony Phillips the founder of Adytum Counselling Service.  Ever since, I have worked for Adytum  as an Associate Counsellor, offering therapy to both private and corporate clients.

I trained as a Therapeutic Integrative Therapist.. which lends to creating a tailored, person-focused therapy plan, identified with clients at our  initial meeting.  I draw upon three main approaches to working, C.B.T, Psychodynamic and Mindfulness.  Not everyone is able to engage with one specific type of therapeutic approach when they are experiencing emotional and distressing symptoms related to their difficulties.  My way of working accounts for helping people to address their needs either by using one approach i.e, CBT or integrating the three approaches.     Whichever approach is used work is generally short term, and all therapy I offer integrates stress reduction and symptom management as an integral part to the counselling process.  All work is reviewed and revised as therapy progresses.

Since 2008, I began training specific to trauma,   offering EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) therapy as part of my counselling practice.    EMDR has been  largely researched and is recommended as a front line therapy for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, but equally has been found to be very effective for  a range of experiences, that may not necessarily meet a full PTSD criteria.

For information regarding EMDR therapy please look at

I am an Accredited and Registered Counsellor with BACP.    I am an Accredited EMDR Europe Practitioner.   Most importantly, from the outset of counselling I offer a relationship that is supportive, accepting and dedicated to helping clients  move forward with their lives.


Linda is a Young Person Counsellor, working predominantly with people within the 3 – 25 age group.  She specialises in bereavement/loss counselling, and dealing with issues around alcohol/drug abuse – whether it be the young person or a family member.  When appropriate, Linda uses creative therapies such as art, clay, puppets, toys, etc.

She has many years’ experience working with children and their families across a number of agencies, such as Womens Aid, children’s bereavement charities and drug/alcohol groups.

Linda is an Accredited Counsellor with BACP.