Lifeskills Coaching

What is Lifeskills Counselling?

Lifeskills counselling, otherwise known as life skills therapy or life skills helping, is an educational approach that has as its starting point the ‘problems of living of’ ordinary people rather than those who have been seriously emotionally deprived or possess a psychiatric disorder. To live effectively and affirm their existences all humans require life skills.

Life skills counselling’s philosophical basis is humanistic and existential – humanistic in terms of the value placed on the individual, in a sense a leap of faith about the improvability of humans; existential in terms of its emphasis on choice and on creating one’s existence within the challenges presented by death, suffering, change, meaning, isolation and freedom. On top of this life skills counselling uses insights from ‘cognitive behavioural’ approaches to counselling, those focusing on altering thoughts and actions, to sharpen the humanistic-existential message and provide clients with the skills they require to be more effective both now and in the future.